In short, we want to teach you about the importance of color strategy, with a primary focus on its endless applications in interior design!

Color holds immense significance in our lives - it is everywhere and over 93% of our perception is shaped by it. Color holds the power to inspire, attract, engage, enlighten, and much more. Research shows that color influences about 65% of all purchasing decisions and can boost brand recognition by up to 87%.

Implementing color into your business strategy in a way that is accurate, reliable, and cost-effective also presents its own set of obstacles. On which note, we wholeheartedly believe that investing your valuable time to better understand the inner workings of color strategy is very much worth it.

At The Color Insider, it is our job to provide you with important and intriguing news, practical tips and insights which will hopefully revolutionize your perspective on color and inspire you in your creative endeavors (professional or not)!

About Our Sections

Interior Styles:

With this section, learn about all sorts of existing interior design styles, their key elements and according color palettes! First I give a brief history of the style (how it came about), discuss the key elements that make the style what it is, and then get into the color palette. I curate the color palettes myself based on the inspiration images, using real colors from notorious paint brands. 

This is one of my personal favorites to work on - Sasha (the author).


With this section, learn how to physically implement color strategy with our hands-on tips. From painting advice, color techniques, to talking to professionals in the color field or tools that can make the job easier, we cover a lot. Perfect for both those who are starting out in the interior design, painting, or DIY design field!

Color Theory:

This section is all about that sometimes difficult and tedious theoretical color knowledge. I break that down for you! Here you can gain insider tips on color theory that are backed by psychology and science, and learn how to apply it to interior design.

COTW (Color of the Week):

Welcome to Color of the Week! Each week, I select a specific color to discuss. Whether it’s trending in the news or just a random color that I’ve chosen, you’re bound to learn something new each week. From the psychological effects behind the chosen color of the week, what it is most commonly used for or applying it to interior design, I hope you’ll be able to find a spark of inspiration :)

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A publication about the endless strategic applications of color with a primary focus on interior design!


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